Eating One Meal A Day: A Stupidly Easy Way To Lose Weight?

There are so many dieting fads out there today, but how do you really know which ones work? One type of diet that you may have heard of is eating one meal a day. Is this a stupidly easy way to lose the excess weight that has been put on?

How it Works

What the diet sounds like, is exactly what it is. You eat only one meal each day. You can choose the time of day you would like to have this meal, many choose the evening. Once you have chosen the time of day you would like to eat your meal, you will fast the remainder of the day. But when it comes to meal time, you will eat whatever you would like in order to get all of your necessary nutrients and calories.

You are able to have a protein shake during the day as long as you are getting most of your calories from your one meal of the day. When people first start this diet, they feel hungry during the day, so the protein shake is a good way to fend off those hunger pains until it is time to eat. Once you adjust to the new schedule of eating, your body will not feel hungry until it is your meal time.

This diet is not for everyone. Some people just continue to feel hungry during the day and can not adjust to eating only one meal. But for those that are able to adjust to this diet, this is a diet that does not feel like you are dieting. You can eat anything you want, don’t have to watch your calorie intake and portion size, and you will still lose weight.