The Food Lover’s Diet Plan

The rules are clear: Food is great, but dieting is the worst action in existence. As the world has finally emphasized the importance of eating right and sustaining a fairly simple exercise routine, dieting has become more of a hobby than a lifestyle choice. Though it is important to eat properly, it is also important to eat right for both your needs and emotional wellbeing, so fear not–you can sometimes have your cake and eat it, too!

Eat Carbs Correctly

Perhaps the most standard rule of dieting is to avoid carbohydrates. Not only is this incredibly vague but it holds the potential to be dangerous as well. Contrary to popular belief, you can eat carbs while dieting, specifically whole grain ones that are also high in soluble fiber. Carbs provide necessary energy for both working out and functioning in everyday life.

Healthy Fat?

Yes, healthy fat does exist and includes olive oil, canola oil, and nuts. These fats are unsaturated, a factor that makes them crucial to eat each day. Healthy fats contribute to proper brain function, energy, the elimination of unhealthy fat from the body, and general happiness.

Stay Lean with Dairy, Meat, and Vegetables

You cannot avoid vegetables while dieting because they are crucial to the human body as a whole. However, they do not need to be boring nor lacking in flavor. Pairing them with lean meat, like poultry, and non-fat yogurts, milks, and cheeses is ideal and will have you contemplate if you really are dieting.