Vegan vs. Vegetarian Diets: How Each Will Impact Your Health

There are tons of health benefits to switching to a vegan or vegetarian diet. However, because vegetarian diets still include dairy, vegan diets tend to have bigger results. So please keep in mind that while you will see improvements with either diet, you will see a more drastic change when going vegan.

You can expect to see healthy weight-loss. Because plant-based diets are easy to process, it flushes our system and keeps us running smoothly. Think of it as being fast-acting, green energy fuel for our bodies. We feel the effects of eating plant matter immediately,and it’s easy to eliminate. You’ll still see weight-loss with a vegetarian diet, but less so due to the dairy.

If you’ve had some health issues in the past, either diet can help to either reduce or reverse the effects of such. This includes most heart complications. Some research even suggests that a vegan diet prevents some types of cancer and cardiovascular disease deaths.

Expect a nice, healthy glow about you. Both diets tend to have some unintended health benefits – such as healthier hair and nails, clear skin, and less BO and bad breath!

So while you will see bigger results going vegan, either diet will improve your health and quality of life – and good looks – when you make the change. Always keep in mind, though, to check in with your doctor and take the proper supplements that you may need. The transition from meat to no meat can be pretty tough on your body at first!