What to Eat Before and After Workouts to Lose Weight

If you are working towards a slimmer you, then you are probably already watching what you eat. But what you may not know is that it is important to eat the proper foods before and after your workout too.

Before Your Workout

Eating the proper foods before you workout will help with your performance during your workout. You want to eat foods that will give your body the energy it needs during the workout. If you do not eat before, you could tire quickly and not have the energy to complete your workout. On the other hand, you may be able to finish your workout, but by the time you are done, you may be so hungry that you binge eat.

It is necessary to watch what and how much you eat. If you eat too much, you may end up with cramping while you are working out. It is important to have some carbs as well as some protein in the foods you eat before your workout. Some ideas are:

  • Crackers and a hard-boiled egg
  • Low fat cheese with a toasted bagel
  • Strawberries with nonfat Greek yogurt

After Your Workout

Eating after your workout is extremely important as well. It gives your muscles what they need to heal and build as well as replenishes your energy. Again, you will want to stick with carbs and proteins. Some ideas are:

  • Crackers with low fat cheese or turkey and a banana.
  • Nonfat Greek yogurt with mixed berries
  • Low fat chocolate milk
  • Half a turkey sandwich

Eating the right foods before and after your workout can help you shed those pounds even faster.